The Swordfish Knight. His animal partner is Zan Amaru.

Inachika Akitani

Akitani (or Master) is a man of over 500 years old who has achieved the Akashic records and god like supernatural powers. His animal familar is Zan Amaru, the Swordfish Knight.


Akitani is the oldest of the Beast Knights (being over 500 years old, it's really no contest), and is of Japanese nationality He has long grey hair tied to a small ponytail, big bushy eyebrows, and a large mustache, which covers his upper lip. He usually sports a large tan overcoat and a fidora like hat, but in his youth he dressed in kimonos (since at the time of his youth it was the stlye). He has a very kind and wise looking face and he has a very calm demeanor.



Heavenly jewelled Spear

Heavenly Jewelled Spear