The Little Devil and the Biscuit Hammer
Chapter 2







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Chapter 2 is called "The Little Devil and the Biscuit Hammer".

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Samidare sits on a stone throne with a grim reaper figure engraved into it.

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Yuuhi produces his domain control bubble in his bedroom and attempts to balance on it while Noi times him. Yuuhi lasts four seconds before he falls flat on his face. Noi comments that his domain will do him no good if he can't even support his own weight for five seconds, to which Yuuhi complains how tiring it is. Noi explains that his domain energy is drawn directly from his body, the more he trains the more his power will increase, and the less he trains the weaker it will become. Yuuhi states again that he wants nothing to do with saving the world and this training is too much work. Noi reveals that a 'bargain' has been prepared for people unwilling to participate; that he will be granted one wish in exchange for his services as a Knight of the Ring. Yuuhi shouts immediately that he wishes for peace and boredom much to Noi's frustration. Yuuhi tells him to stop crying and get out of his home, and Noi denies his request. Yuuhi once again throws Noi off his balcony but he appears on Yuuhi's back, reprimanding him for throwing him. Yuuhi wonders how why he can't get rid of Noi.

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